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Sticky fields in 2.1.45 – design suggestions

Thanks for implementing sticky fields in 2.1.45! I used Ze frozen fields before and I am happy about one add-on less. I needed weeks however to discover the pale icon in an unespected location (see screenshot). Could you please make it a little more obvious and locate it at a fixed location (why not the old location in front of the field title)?

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Agreed. I regularly forget that this feature was added, because the sticky icons are currently set to 10% opacity when inactive, which to me is a bit too low.
They are almost invisible ^^

Personally, I preferred the oldschool frozen fields position (left of field), because that’s an area the mouse tends to be closer to and the buttons were bigger.

I think the argument for the new position on top was that it will be better suited for mobile use in the future, since it doesn’t take any horizontal space from the fields. As to why it’s on the right, I don’t know…

Also, the positioning on your screenshot is way off, they should be located all the way to the right. Are you using any add-ons that affect the editor?

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The thinking here was:

  • keeping the interface tidy for users who don’t use them
  • placing them on the left of the field name makes them very prominent
  • placing them on the right of the field name means they move about, instead of being in a consistent line (as they should be when you don’t have add-ons causing troubles :slight_smile: )
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I certainly would increase the opacity. A tooltip would be helpful as well, so that users not familiar with this feature see some information what this button is about. Moving the mouse over the whole screenjust to select these buttons isn’t my favorite solution.

The positioning in my case doesn’t seem to be add-on related: With the same set of add-ons active, I have the icon in the right place all day long today.


What we meant was the horizontal alignment of the icons. Are they always as scrambled as in your screenshot (position dependent on length of field name), even with add-ons disabled?

Sorry if I misunderstood you here. Not sure.

What I like about the icons on the right is also that it’s more scalable. While it might look fine if there was one icon to the left of the field name, but what about multiple icons? What about optional icons? I think if those were all on the left of the field name, it would look quite messy.

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That’s interesting, I couldn’t find how to activate sticky fields. After searching google, I’ve found this topic. Then I looked carefully to my editor and I realized it was always there but transparent. I think it would be nice to increase the opacity a little bit.

Thank you all!

The opacity was increased in .46