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Poll: Icon for sticky/pinned/frozen fields

Henrik is currently working on integrating a button inside the editor to cause a field’s text to remain when adding, and we’re trying to decide on an icon. You can see some example screenshots and the associated discussion here:

Which icon do you think is best?

  • Lock
  • Note
  • Pin
  • Snowflake
  • Other (comment below)

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Just an additional idea if this is being added as a native Anki feature - would it be worthwhile adding some sort of reset button?

Using Ze Frozen Fields, if I add a card with a few fields frozen, the field will stay persistent. If I’d like to make an entirely new card after adding a few cards with frozen fields, I have to uncheck the icon, highlight the field, select the content and delete it for each field. A simple card reset button would make this process much easier and especially for those not familiar with the add-on.

Other than that, my vote goes for the pin!

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Not a big fan of a separate button, but it could be possible with a modified key+click

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