Specifying only one parameter in "Learning Steps" under "New Cards"

Dear Anki community, my enquiry regards scheduling with FSRS.

Question: Suppose I toggle on the FSRS option leaving everything underneath (i.e. the configurations thereof) untouched. What happens if I specify only one parameter in the “Learning Steps” field under “New Cards”? From the docs I understand, that for example “1m 10m” means 1 minute and 10 minutes for an again and good answer respectively. My question is, what happens with “1m” only.

Side Note: yes, I am aware that I am mixing 2 things: FSRS and the one-only learning step specification. If they can be decoupled, fine. If one affects the other, then I ask you to enlighten me.

Context (not (too) necessary for the question): I was watching yesterday evening the " The NEW Best Anki Settings 2024! New FSRS vs Anki default algorithm (SM-2)" on Youtube from the AnKing team. Around minutes 20:00-21:00 he says that he leaves just the one parameter. I rewatched again this part and I don’t understand it: what does normally (i.e. no FSRS) specifying only one learning step do to the “good” answer, and why would I want to do this with FSRS.

I can be wrong but is that actually called a parameter? Isn’t that a step? I’ll call that a step.

Personally I will create a deck called “Test” and will just experiment with stuff if I’m new to the features. From what I understand though, If you have “1m” as the only step the new card goes through that step only; that is, the new card will have a Good interval of 1m after which the Good interval shows the Graduating Interval which will be determined by FSRS if you have that turned on.

I would suggest you change the tag to FSRS for the experts on FSRS to find it.

If you leave only one step, Again will be that long, Hard will be 1.5*Again, and Good/Easy will be decided by FSRS. I use 15m, so my first interval for Again is 15m, and my first interval for Hard is 23m (set automatically by Anki, you don’t have to calculate it).


Learning steps are still as documented (Studying - Anki Manual) – FSRS doesn’t change that.

  • Hard repeats the current step.
    • If the card is on the first (and the only) step, the delay is 50% larger than the step. But, this delay is at most one day larger than the step.
    • If the card is on the first step and the you have configured more than one step, the delay will be the average of Again and Good, i.e., the average of the first two steps.
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Thank you. This answers my question

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