Spacing out reviews I am behind on

Hi all,

So admittedly, I’d been not so great with Anki over last semester. I did my cards every day, but once the exam came, I’d pretty much abandon them and make a new deck for the next exam. After four exams (and four decks), and taking off during winter break (about 2 weeks), I came back with about 8,000 reviews. I figured the best way to tackle it is to just do as many cards I can per day (I do around 1500-1800) and hopefully be caught up in about a week (I still need to be adding new cards as I learn new material on top of the 8000 reviews, and im prepping for boards and adding cards there, too).

My concern is this: I have a 1 month limit on max intervals (might increase to 45 days). I know that spaced repetition for longterm learning is best without a max interval, but bc I have boards coming up, I really need to make sure I’m not pushing my cards back so far that I won’t see them in time for boards. After this, I will increase the limit again for long-term learning.

As I was doing cards, I realized that with this 1 month max interval, all of these cards I’m busting out all at once are going to pop up again in 1 month. I.e, If I graduate 1500 cards per day to see them again in 1 month every day for a week, then I’ll have one really difficult week every month. I’m wondering if there is a way I can spread these out, without physically taking more time to catch up? Isthere an add on for this?


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