[sound:] support for files with brackets in the name

I currently have a small addon that parses subtitles for various media and then filters fields with sentences+audio from those subtitles. I use the advanced mpv addon so I don’t have to call ffmpeg to clip the files (too slow), but sometimes the filenames contain brackets which breaks [sound:]. On linux, I just symlink the file to /tmp/whatever and let mpv figure out the filetype, but on windows symlinking is only avaliable either with admin perms or after entering developer mode. ym1234/DynamicAnki-Kanji/blob/master/__init__.py#L131-L138 (on github as I can’t post links)
I was thinking about using lnk files on windows but seems like mpv doesn’t support that either mpv-player/mpv/issues/8424

Side opinion: Having brackets in file names is cursed and a way to potential issues. Maybe modify your workflow so filenames will be cleaned from such characters.

Can’t control what the add-on user names their files

There are several renamer programs that can help you replace the brackets for something else. I think even windows has some capabilities included in its PowerToys. But there are others if that’s not enough.

Sorry but have you read what I posted above? If I want to release this addon to the public, it would certainly be preferable to have it work on filenames with brackets in them. It certainly isn’t necessary but perferable.

Your add-on can do the same thing Anki does - rename files automatically if they have brackets in them.