Sorting by time of move into a deck

Have a nice afternoon everyone.

I regularly move cards to be studied that are not yet in their turn into another deck and start studying there. After the start I push it back into the starting deck.

It would be very helpful for me if I could sort this transition deck in the order it was received. So the first card that I moved into the transition deck should be displayed there first.

Is something like that possible?

The only think I can think of that changes with that move is the card modification date, but there is no sort order that relies on that. However, it sounds like these are New cards you are introducing? You could sort the browse window by Card Modified, and use “Reposition” to rearrange those New cards in their queue in that order (Browsing - Anki Manual). Then New card gather and sort orders will control that (Deck Options - Anki Manual).

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If you explained what you are trying to achieve, then there may be another solution to your problem. So far it sounds like a job for a filtered deck.

If you study the words in a certain order, then you could export your deck to txt and add a column of type 0001 0002 0003. Then you would always be able to sort the maps in the browser by this field.


OK, to explain what I’m actually doing: The target folder mixes new cards that I’ve decided to learn now with lost cards that I’ve suspended so that I can learn them again. If it were just about new cards, the order would probably be the one I wanted anyway and I wouldn’t have a problem. Lost cards can come from any folder, however, and when suspended they sort themselves in the order of their original folder in the order of the original folders. As new lost cards keep coming in throughout the day, the order keeps shifting.

Why does that bother me? It has to do with the way I study. Before Anki asks me for an answer for the first time, I have to study the card for myself first. That doesn’t really have anything to do with Anki. I do it by taking a time based on the length of the card and working on the material. But that’s not enough for me. Before each new card, I quickly repeat the last ten cards before that, which were also studied today. If I want to do that, the order of the cards obviously cannot change with each new card in the folder. Instead, they should be sorted in the order in which they arrive. New cards that come in throughout the day should only be put at the back of the queue. These first preliminary repetitions only happen on the day of cramming. After that, the cards go into learning. This preliminary phase cannot already take place in Anki. If I study eleven cards in one day, the first one will be repeated ten times. But the last one only once in the evening. And I can’t guarantee that the first card will be repeated ten times that day. In this respect, the learning theory breaks down in everyday life. I can’t base it on Anki so much that I can stick to a set number of repetitions. But if they are in the options, such ridiculous situations arise that after a ten-hour break (sleep) I’m regularly back on the go for minutes or hours. In these very short time intervals, Anki only works if I constantly base myself on Anki. I can’t and don’t want to do that. So I’m swapping Anki’s regularity for a practical day at this point. The next day, the cards I’ve studied get their first study interval of ten hours. From then on, Anki takes over. And the shifts that my day-to-day life requires have less of an impact because the steps are already much bigger.

That would indeed be a solution. But since I primarily study on my iPhone and don’t always sit in front of the computer, it’s not really feasible. And I’m then permanently sorting the cards out of their starting position. They won’t return to their starting position if I move them back to their starting folder.

I had also thought about consecutively numbered tags that I could then sort by…

But I’ve just realized that I only want to move the suspended cards into the study folder in the evening for the new day. That means the order only changes at the start of the day and remains the same throughout the day. So I don’t have a problem at all. :see_no_evil:

Why not use a filtered deck without rescheduling instead of actually moving the cards?
For example using

First Answered

cards answered for the first time today

cards answered for the first time within the last 365 days

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Good morning, Keks.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

That wouldn’t even work with newly crammed cards. Because the first learning step in Anki is 10 hours. So I would do my cramming repetitions in advance of Anki from the filtered deck and if I crammed and started in Anki a card early enough in the day, the first learning step in Anki would run parallel to it after 10 hours. Here, however, I could extend my first learning step in Anki. That would be unfortunate for cases where I only cram a card in the evening and it is hardly or not at all repeated in my cramming.

But it wouldn’t work at all with the cards lost while learning in Anki. I would start them in Anki and they wouldn’t even appear under the filtered cards because I didn’t learn them for the first time. In any case, I have to suspend cards lost while learning in Anki. Otherwise, these cards are immediately back in the learning process in Anki. And I might not get around to cram them in advance until three days later. Furthermore, as far as I know, I cannot filter from suspended cards.