Browsing Deck: Cards out of Order

Hi Everyone,

I recently started creating a deck and stopped for a little bit. I came back to it and wanted to browse the deck in the order it was created in order to see where in my notes I left off making it, and it is completely out of order. I right clicked on “sort field” and have checked “created” so that it was ordered by how they were created, but still the dates are completely all over the place. I tried sorting them by due date too and nothing changed. I even tried clicking on the settings for the deck and made sure it was set to “show new cards in order created.” I really need to be able to browse them by their created date so I can keep working on the deck. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 9.55.12 AM

Hmm, it doesn’t seem like the Created column is selected. I mean there is no visual indicator that it’s selected like in the below screenshot:


You should left-click on Created after including it in the shown columns for sorting to be activated. The menu shown when right-clicking is for showing columns and it doesn’t change the sorting order by itself.


Thank you so so much! I didn’t realize you had to highlight and that solved it for me!