Sort by Retrievability in Browse

Posted it the other day on the Anki sub-reddit, asking why Anki sorts so weirdly by retrievability, because that 0% retrievability was in a weird place,
But now that placement makes sense, because in the info it shows 17% retrievability, just for some reason this card is 0% in the browse.

u/ClarityInMadness suggested me to post screenshots here, and also ping @L.M.Sherlock


Do you set relearning step? I notice that the last rating of this card is again, so I guess it’s still in relearning stage.

Could you share this collection file with me? I need it to reproduce this consistency.

Yes I did, it is set on 10 minutes and 1 h, and it is a suspended card right now because of the 8 lapses.

I don’t know how to share collection files. Also sorry for late reply, I don’t really use this forum…

You can share it via google drive.

Do I just download a deck and then share it via google drive?