Someone is spamming thumbs down


I changed my downvotes to upvotes and it should be good for now.

It’s true that I could contact you privately back there or now, I was well aware of it, but you don’t know the full story and it wasn’t a simple matter that could be easily resolved with one or two short messages.

One deck was never a problem. If I reported it and it would have been removed, he could have easily uploaded his previous version while upvoting it again up to the top in no time. I didn’t make the previous version and it would be difficult for me to report it too.

Even if it did happen, all his other 3 decks would be still up at the top with an absurd amount of upvotes and my single downvote would have made no difference.

I didn’t receive any email from you in the last few months either.

I checked the SPAM folder, searched for messages from the following email addresses that you used before and I found nothing.

  • b***
  • contato@b***g*****
  • b****g*****

It was Oct 25, 2018 when you contacted me for the first time.

It was Oct 17, 2019 when I received the last email from you.

Maybe try to send it again to

If you don’t remember, I’ll quickly remind you of your previous messages to me and paid work that I did.

Oct 25, 2018 - I received the message from you for the first time, it was titled “Helpe me out!!” and you asked me to help to “create a multiple choice card using radio button”. I replied to you with a few links to existing solutions. You replied that you’ll check them out, give me a feedback, but there were no new messages from you in 2018.

Feb 7, 2019 (15 USD) - You asked me if I can convert Glossika Portuguese Brazilian Fluency 1-3 with 3000 sentences to Anki. I OCRed it and added to Anki with audio.

Feb 9, 2019 - You asked me about one of my add-on, movies2anki, “but with more functionality” and “a real-time preview of how each audio and video would look like”. I suggested to use Aegisub.

Feb 15, 2019 (25 USD) - You send me the link to 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en], it was a completely different deck at the time, and asked me to extend it with the video files from I said that I’ll do it for 20 USD and you paid me 25 USD to “put as many good sentence as you can find”. The resulted deck was about 7,69 GB and included 36364 notes with 10 or less cards with the same target word and 5 or less cards for any possible conjugations.

Feb 20, 2019 (5 USD) - I fixed How to Make an Anki Deck from Tatoeba Sentences (updated 12/2020) and made it download all pages.

Apr 7, 2019 - You asked me if can make “a similar playphrase website”. I said that “I’m not a full-stack web developer, I’m not very much interested in it nor will have time to do it”.

Jun 14, 2019 (15 USD) - I added a simple GUI to and an option to format output as a tab-separated text file that can be imported to Anki.

Jun 21, 2019 - You asked me again if creating “a website like is still out of question?”. I repeated that “I’m not interested in the website or any long-term projects and don’t have skills to do it”.

Sep 13, 2019 - You contacted me again with the message “I need your help” and asked to fix the script to download sentences from Tatoeba that stopped working and add a simple GUI. I said that I can fix it for 5 USD and add a simple GUI for 10 USD. You asked me for my email address to pay by PayPal. I said that it’s the same, said “Ok, thanks!” and I didn’t receive any new messages from you until Oct 17, 2019.

Oct 17, 2019 - You contacted me again and asked me about “the tatoeba script”, I said that I’m busy but maybe will be able to do something over next weekend or a bit later.

Oct 22, 2019 - I fixed the script, didn’t add GUI and said “No need for payment”.

It was my last reply to you by email.

I see, you send a PM to me yesterday via Anki Forums with the title, “Let’s talk”.

I’ll say it again. I’ll only reply to you in this thread.

I don’t trust you.

Here’s my first question @brenogonzaga

Q: How did you make your deck, 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en] - AnkiWeb?

To make it easier, I’ll split it into 2 sub-questions.

  • Where did you get the books and how you converted them to Anki?
  • Where did you get the audio and how you added it to Anki?

As mentioned earlier, I asked people to leave reviews. Every contact via WhatsApp where I provide support, I also ask for a review, and there is no term stating that I cannot ask those who download to leave a review. And yes, in the beginning, there were some upvotes between the dates 2018-12-18 and 2018-12-20 that can be removed and verified. Besides that, there are over 5000 upvotes on the decks that are quite legitimate, and about 40 that should be removed, plus those spammed by you.

I will forward the email to you again.


Stream Compass Publishing | Listen to 4000 Essential English Words 1 (2nd Edition) playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Compass Publishing

You can find the audios on the internet since 2018.


I have the second edition of the book from 2019/08/03 when I synchronized it with my drive.

The audio can also be used to generate text, which simplifies the work and helps in using audio editing tools for videos, such as

You didn’t try to make any contact by making requests or anything like that. If you had, we would have talked. You are only talking here because I started this topic. I am still waiting for contact on this matter and will be happy to discuss it.

How did they learn about your Anki decks and that you provide support via WhatsApp? There must be some place on the Internet where they discovered this. Could you point me to it?

  • 430+ Idiomatic Expressions [Inglês - Português]
  • 550+ Phrasal Verbs - Part 1 [Inglês - Português]
  • 550+ Phrasal Verbs - Part 2 [Inglês - Português]

Please open Book 1, Unit 1, take a screenshot with words from the left page, the right page, or both, and post it here. I’d like to compare it with my version.

One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. - William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

One of the websites I have has been around since 2014; you can access and check the history.

Yes, that’s correct.

I thought that I’d have a few days, or maybe weeks, to do what I wanted to do, before you would notice downvotes.

Step 1. Downvote 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en] and all your other decks
Step 2. Use a new AnkiWeb account to share my deck as “someone’s else” deck and upvote it up to the top.

Unfortunately, you reacted too quickly and I changed my mind about doing it.

Both pages were supposed to look like this.

  • Shared Decks (before)

  • Shared Decks (after)

  • 4000 Essentional English Words 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (description)

I don’t understand what you mean by “one of the websites”. I’m aware of but how I’m supposed to check the history if I don’t know the url of the website?

That’s good. It was the scanned copy as I thought. I have it too.

The pictures look dark and blurry in the scanned copy that you used, but in your deck the pictures look very good. What did you do?



But more importantly, could you describe or illustrate the whole process using one word from the book, step-by-step, what you did to fill these fields in the note using the scanned copy of the book.

You could use tools for each thing, like TinEye to find good images.

Regarding your decks, I will link them.

If I wanted credit for all of them, I would have uploaded them all to AnkiWeb, because they are very good decks.

When I started, I didn’t know how to automate anything; I did everything manually. I can tell you the sources of everything I created, but your interest is different.

There were many things I asked you for when I first met you, and that inspired me to learn programming because everything I wanted depended on other people and sometimes I faced many rejections. But I learned enough; I don’t have as much skill as you, but I learned a lot to automate my workflow and create tools.

I will refrain from answering several questions here, as it feels more like an interrogation than a conversation. Once you want to state your objective, I will be willing to talk.

I didn’t start this topic. You did.

You’re stating that you made it yourself, 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en].

Prove it.

You can choose to not reply to any of my questions or anything that I say, no problem, but in 7 days from your last reply I’ll start to downvote all your other decks and then a bit later 4000 Essential English Words (all books) [en-en] too. I can do it all day long.

You know, I really didn’t want to reply to you ever again, but you did what you did, you took everything from me, and now we’re here.

If you want to come to consensus, you could answer my questions or you could explain everything by yourself so I could repeat what you did by myself and I won’t have to ask you any questions.

P.S. I realy don’t want anyone to be involved in this. It’s not worth it.

I don’t want my decks to be shared on your website.

When I found out about your website, I looked everywhere, but found no reference that they were made by me, nor there were back links to my Essential Idioms in English page or any other pages on AnkiWeb.

You didn’t contact me for permission in the past. I’m not allowing it now.

By the way, dou you know what deck was featured and recommended in the YouTube video that received 987K views in 4 months?

It was M4R4M, that was last updated on 2015-06-18, and it’s currently at the 16th place with 1k upvotes.

The 1st place, over 5K upvotes, and it meant nothing.

Sure. I will remove all the links.