Some rtl and translate issues

rtl to indent - you need to reverse the direction of the arrow in the buttons

The message that indentation is given only in the list is not translatable

Also the “forget” button when leaving the add window cannot be translated even though the meaning of forget does not correspond to it in any language.

Thanks, logged on Some minor RTL issues · Issue #2917 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

What do you mean by the ‘forget’ button?

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I haven’t found a place where I can translate this button specifically.
In my language, something like “exit and don’t save” is more appropriate. “Forget” is inappropriate in this context

But in English the Add window doesn’t have any “Forget” button. There’s Add, Close, History, Help. I’m also confused about what you mean here.

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Sorry. In English it’s “discard”.
But I didn’t find where it can be translated.


The translation comes from Qt.

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It needs to be changed.

@abdo it looks like we can override the Qt label, so we could replace it with an ftl string. PoC:

diff --git a/qt/aqt/ b/qt/aqt/
index 27713a8e7..e843b1983 100644
--- a/qt/aqt/
+++ b/qt/aqt/
@@ -164,6 +164,8 @@ class MessageBox(QMessageBox):
                 b = self.addButton(button, QMessageBox.ButtonRole.ActionRole)
             elif isinstance(button, QMessageBox.StandardButton):
                 b = self.addButton(button)
+                if button == QMessageBox.StandardButton.Discard:
+                    b.setText("Testing")
             elif isinstance(button, tuple):
                 b = self.addButton(button[0], button[1])

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