Simple programming help needed- configuring user actions in ankidroid

Hello everyone, thank you to anyone contributing to anki

I have near zero programming knowledge and i need to configure the user actions

What i need is to make a custom user action functions that goes like this:

1 user action 1: tag the card “Correct” and then buries it

2 user action 2: tag the card “Wrong” and buries it

3 user action 3: tag the card “flagged”

If making the action do two functions (tag and bury) it’s ok to make it just tag at least

Thank you in advance :pray::pray:

I can’t help you code them, but some of the ones you’re proposing here don’t exactly make sense to me. I’m wondering if you need them at all, since there are so many actions that are already defined in AnkiDroid.

Can you say more about what you’re trying to accomplish with each of these? Particularly – by “tag” are you really wanting to add a Tag to the notes that says that? Or are you trying to grade your answers with 1 and 2, and add a Flag with 3?

Why do you want to bury a card after answering it?

Yes, it’s kinda like that

I have an exam coming up and I want to grade every question and bury it (or flag it and bury it)

I can already do all of what i want right now, but I just wanted to have 1 button to do two tasks at once.

But why do you want to bury the cards?

It’s not necessary. I can do any thing with them.
In end i will reset all cards again to review them before the exam.

It’s kinda that I don’t want to use anki space repetition right now, i just want to use it as a question bank app for convenience.

You’re working too hard to make that happen. You just need Filtered decks – Filtered Decks - Anki Manual .

Not that hard really, I told you i already can do what i want to do. Just wanted more convenience

As for the filtered decks i know how to use them

But what about marking the questions correct or wrong? How can i do that without my method of tags.

Are you saying that the questions themselves are wrong? Or are you talking about your answers? Because you can just grade your answers as Again (wrong), or Hard/Good/Easy (correct).

No my answer, grading using anki system doesn’t leave a permanent mark on the card. I want to leave a permanent marker so i can go back and see what i answered right and what i answered wrong. Some add-ons already do that with pass/fail system instead of 4 answer choices

After tagging them i use a custom formatting that makes a card green after tagged correct and red if tagged wrong
That way when i re examine myself i know how i did with this card without checking the tags

This maybe too much but it’s my way of doing things :rofl::rofl:

That makes a bit more sense now (whether I agree with the system or not :wink:). Even if a more automatic system would be preferable in the long run, for now, you could apply these tags yourself after your study session by searching up rated:1:1 to tag wrong, and rated:1 -rated:1:1 to tag correct.

Thank you
I’ll try that

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