Sidebar completely shrunk into top left

Suddenly started having an issue with my sidebar on Anki 2 days ago. Sidebar completely minimized to top left corner. Cant click anywhere on that box to try to drag it bigger…it’s just permanently stuck on that size. Tried restarting the app, restarting the computer, reinstalling, but no change seems to work. Only thing that works as a temporary fix is clicking the magnifying glass and ESC at the same time. How do I get a permanent fix instead of having to fix this every time I hit browse to go unsuspend new cards.


This is an issue that has been reported several times before, and I think it’s due to Qt (not Anki). Try using the Qt5 version.

One other user said it happened to them when they maximized the window - if you avoid maximizing, does that make a difference for you?

Any updates here? Having the same exact issue!

A fix for this is coming in the next release.

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I have the same issue too.
I found that when I change an account, the sidebar is normal, but when I change the old account back, the sidebar shrink back again.
Than I load the backup of the account before this issure happed, but the sidebar still shrink back.
I have tried lanch the program while holding the butten “shift” (lanchu without addon), but the sidebar is still shrink into op left.

I update the program from 2.1.54 to 2.1.60, and the sidebar is normal again!

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I hope it will keep the problem solved this way…