Showing the answer on the front page due to an added field

I got a card that said No Cloze is found so I went into to edit to try to fix it. I clicked cards… then add field… then I clicked text and confirm. The question now popped up on the card but it was small and above the same “No cloze is found” message. Then on the next cards, the question popped up like before on the front page but now the answer was also on the front page further down the card. How can I remove that and bring it back to how it was before I added the field?

if you have not previously edited your cloze card template, your front should look like this.
delete the second line like this and leave the first line. like this:

it should solve your problem

you can access card template editor by pressing Edit on a cloze card and then clicking on Cards... in card editor

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