Shortcuts not working in anki 53 qt6 version

I’ve just upgraded from version 2.1.49 to version 2.1.53, and decided to try out the qt6 version. However, I noticed that the basic shortcuts I’ve been using are not working correctly: for answer buttons (again, hard, etc) the shortcuts 1, 2, 3, 4 only work after I click on the bar they are located in, previously it worked well with just the anki window in focus. Also, the “r” shortcut to play the audio doesn’t work at all.

I am using ubuntu, and has also just upgraded to version 22.04:
Linux 5.15.0-33-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 18 13:34:26 UTC 2022 x86_64

So qt5 version works with the fix from this thread: blank-screen-after-system-anki-upgrade/19666

I cannot reproduce this problem on a Linux system here.

I can’t reproduce it either on 2.1.52.