Share my code to make batch clozes with same number

How to use:

  1. Download the binary corresponding to your operating system.
    URL is here :point_right: Releases 路 zqkgo/clozer 路 GitHub

  2. Create a text file containing the string you want to make cloze cards.

  3. Run the program.
    ./clozer_macos word -path=path_to_your_text_file

Output like this :point_down:

The {{c1::plane}} was {{c1::late}} and {{c1::detectives}} were {{c1::waiting}} at {{c1::the}} airport {{c1::all}} morning. {{c1::They}} were {{c1::expecting}} a {{c1::valuable}} parcel {{c1::of}} diamonds {{c1::from}} South {{c1::Africa}}. A {{c1::few}} hours {{c1::earlier}}, someone {{c1::had}} told {{c1::the}} police {{c1::that}} thieves {{c1::would}} try {{c1::to}} steal {{c1::the}} diamonds. {{c1::When}} the {{c1::plane}} arrived, {{c1::some}} of {{c1::the}} detectives {{c1::were}} waiting {{c1::inside}} the {{c1::main}} building {{c1::while}} others {{c1::were}} waiting {{c1::on}} the {{c1::airfield}}. Two {{c1::men}} took {{c1::the}} parcel {{c1::off}} the {{c1::plane}} and {{c1::carried}} it {{c1::into}} the {{c1::Customs}} House. {{c1::While}} two {{c1::detectives}} were {{c1::keeping}} guard {{c1::at}} the {{c1::door}}, two {{c1::others}} opened {{c1::the}} parcel. {{c1::To}} their {{c1::surprise}}, the {{c1::precious}} parcel {{c1::was}} full {{c1::of}} stones {{c1::and}} sand!

{{c1::The}} plane {{c1::was}} late {{c1::and}} detectives {{c1::were}} waiting {{c1::at}} the {{c1::airport}} all {{c1::morning}}. They {{c1::were}} expecting {{c1::a}} valuable {{c1::parcel}} of {{c1::diamonds}} from {{c1::South}} Africa. {{c1::A}} few {{c1::hours}} earlier, {{c1::someone}} had {{c1::told}} the {{c1::police}} that {{c1::thieves}} would {{c1::try}} to {{c1::steal}} the {{c1::diamonds}}. When {{c1::the}} plane {{c1::arrived}}, some {{c1::of}} the {{c1::detectives}} were {{c1::waiting}} inside {{c1::the}} main {{c1::building}} while {{c1::others}} were {{c1::waiting}} on {{c1::the}} airfield. {{c1::Two}} men {{c1::took}} the {{c1::parcel}} off {{c1::the}} plane {{c1::and}} carried {{c1::it}} into {{c1::the}} Customs {{c1::House}}. While {{c1::two}} detectives {{c1::were}} keeping {{c1::guard}} at {{c1::the}} door, {{c1::two}} others {{c1::opened}} the {{c1::parcel}}. To {{c1::their}} surprise, {{c1::the}} precious {{c1::parcel}} was {{c1::full}} of {{c1::stones}} and {{c1::sand}}!

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