Set HTML Editor as a default editor instead of Visual Editor

I use HTML Editor to edit my note instead of Visual Editor. So I need to switch on HTML Editor and switch off Visual Editor every time for every field.

I’m wandering that if there is a easy way to set the default editor. If not, can we use a shortcut key to toggle Visual Editor, since click the button for many time is annoying.

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Thanks for your great work!

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Besides, the autocomplete is also troublesome. Is there any way to switch off it without modifying files?(I don’t find the target file in my Anki directory…)

I’ve seen a few people complain about the autocomplete. If we were to turn it off by default, is there anyone watching who would miss it?


Wouldn’t it be possible to just put it as an option in the settings, rather than having to choose either behavior for all users?


1000 options later :slight_smile:

xD yes I understand this point. However, I feel that having a lot of options, as long as they’re properly documented and put in a relevant section in the Settings window, is not much of a burden. It won’t affect people that don’t explicitly go to that section. On the other hand, this flexibility would prevent users from complaining that their beloved workflow was broken.

TBH, I think this is a matter of habits. Windows / MacOS ship a single interface, and most of their software does too, so it’s unusual to have lots of options, which relies on having sensible defaults. On the other hand, with most Linux software you usually can configure almost any aspect of it, even if can be a bit painful. So maybe I’m a bit biased when I say it wouldn’t be much of a burden for the user? Honestly, I would be interested in hearing other people’s opinion on this: may having many options turn into a negative UX, even if these options are useful?

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Every extra option slightly complicates the UI, and adds a maintenance burden (its description needs translating; the code paths need to be maintained; sometimes different options can interact in ways that introduce new bugs). Sometimes they are justified, but if hardly anyone wants a specific feature, then the feature is probably better left out.


@dae If you do end up turning off autocomplete (which I’m partially in favor for), it would be great if it still kept the auto converting of mathjax into the appropriate <anki-mathjax> XML/HTML elements (not sure if it’s part of the autocomplete feature). Otherwise, I’m fine leaving it as is!

same here, im on MacOs and i can’t find the editor.js file. I’ve tried multiples methods, including sudo find in terminal, but i could not find the file.