Self host Ankiweb review interface

Edit: Just moved this to suggestions as it’s apparently not possible to self-host the ankiweb review-interface

Hey there,
I sadly don’t always have access to an anki client, but I would still like to be able to review cards regardless. Anki provides AnkiWeb, which is apparently able to do that, but I want to self-host that instead of having to rely on the website.

I found pretty much zero docs or info on this, and now I’m wondering: Is that even possible? Does the syncserver double as a web review interface?

If not, please add support for that!

Self-Hosted Sync Server

this is not helpful.

Is there a web interface or not? The docs don’t seem to mention one

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Would say it is not possible because the website is not open-source (no source code available to build for self-host), but idk

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