Search on AnkiWeb doesn't work


I’m trying “Search” in AnkiWeb but whatever search work I put, there are no decks available. Even the decks I already added do not appear.

Does anybody else has the same problem?

Thank you for your help!

AnkiWeb only supports searching in the current deck, and only simple text searches.

Did you share it?

Some packages are private, I didn’t share them, some others I downloaded from Anki. I was using “Search” because I was looking for new packages.
It seems the problem is more general because nothing works for me. For example, when I click on the name of a package I have already downloaded, I get the error message:

502 Bad Gateway

Certificate verification error for ankiuser…: unable to get local issuer certificate (errno: 20, depth: 0)

I am trying this on the latest version of Chrome, on MacOS X.