Search for cards with a field that contains a capitalised letter?

How do I search for all the cards where a specific field contains a capital letter?

For example, I have cards with three fields. Question, Answer, and Extra. I want to search the question field for all the cards which contain a capital letter in that field.

im using anki ver 2.1.22

Try this [including the “quotes”]:
As far as I can tell, that should be limited to that field, and find any letter A-Z case-sensitive.


I used it as you said but no cards come up in the search. Im using anki ver 2.1.22

Thanks it worked after upgrading anki

That version is almost 4 years old. According to the manual (see link) you can’t use regex, and without regex, you might be out of luck (“Standard searches are case insensitive for Latin characters - a-z will match A-Z, and vice versa.”).

If this is important to you, you should consider updating to a more recent version. Making that big a jump, be sure to read the upgrade notes (Platform Notes - Anki Manual), and be mindful of any add-ons that you need your version to be compatible with.


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