Saved search reuse / search command

I think the ability to re-use saved searches within searches would be useful.

saved:"my saved search>" where my saved search is the name of saved search in browser.

Use cases

  1. Create a single saved search to point multiple “Optimize FSRS Weights” to, for consistency

    • For example, I have a search like deck:Italian -is:suspended that I want to apply to multiple deck presets for Italian (I have multiple deck presets b/c some topics I want to prioritize with more new cards/reviews). Then, if I ever want to update the cards optimized on (say, add -tag:leech), I just have to tweak the saved search rather than every single deck preset.
  2. Combine different saved searches easily (especially if complex)

    • eg lets say I have a saved search for “Important” and “Needs Fix”, I could then do saved:Important saved:"Needs Fix".

I imagine it would behave something like a macro expansion. So:

  1. Lookup matching saved search by name
  2. In place of saved:xzy put the saved search text, surrounded by parenthesis
  3. Perform the search as usual