Reviews from before I started using anki

Hi all. I started using anki in 2012, but according to the heatmap add-on, I have 296 review from Wednesday February 4th, 2009. It is possible (but very unlikely) that I might have tried anki in 2009 and forgotten about it, but I can’t imagine how I would do 296 reviews on my first go. Anyway, any ideas how I deal with these ghost reviews? They somewhat mess up my stats.

You can use the forget command for those cards:

Alternatively you can export your deck (not including scheduling info), delete ot and reimport again (make a backup previously, just in case)

Thanks, but the cards don’t exist anymore (if they ever did). Not sure how to delete the cards if I can’t find them.

You can manually remove the first reviews using sqlitebrowser.

Ok I’ll try that, thanks. First link no longer works though.

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