Reverso plugin - Official Support Thread

Hi, first of all thank you for the awesome addon. It’s helped me a big and fat deck hehe.

That said I’m now getting a strange problem, it used to work perfectly but now it says ‘Authentication didn’t work as expected, check Username/Password’ and won’t download anything. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the addon and Anki itself, as well as changing my credentials on Reverso, but it still doesn’t work. Is there anything that can be done?

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The same thing happens to me, it is a very useful addon and I use it a lot

Screenshot 2024-06-05 112833

Same problem as the others above - sudden “Authentication didn’t work as expected, check Username Password” error.

I assume Reverso has changed it’s authentication system or something. Praying it’s fixable as this add on is a language-learning superpower.

Thanks so much for the hours saved up until now - here’s hoping many more hours can still be saved! :slight_smile: :grin:

Anki Version ⁨2.1.40 (cf446733)⁩, Import from Reverso - v1.7

My current work around - for this:

  1. copy and paste from the favourites list in reverso (View>Show Context)
  2. dump into a LLM (Gemini or Chatgpt) and ask them to give me a list of just the words, then just the context sentence
  3. paste into columns in Google Sheets
  4. export > export as csv
  5. import > import csv in anki (still use Reverso card type etc.)

I only want the word and the sentence, so a little more pasting if you want/use more ‘fields’ from reverso. But doesn’t take that long at all in practice. Hopefully might help someone until this gets a fix.

Hi to all,

I’ll surely have a look at the authentication mechanism in the next few days.
the reason I didn’t yet realize it is that they changed something more… now they don’t just have the favorites but the lists.
So I need to port the whole User Interface to that, and that requires more time.

I was used to select just favourites and I can’t do that anymore, I need to add words into a list and pick from there.
But for sure I’ll fix it…