[Request] Focus on first field by default if there is an external keyboard attached

Normally when I study with my iPad, I do it with an external keyboard. My issue is that whenever I try to edit a note, I need to manually tap the one of the fields so I can start typing or navigating between the fields with Tab.

I guess that not focusing on a field is the default behavior because of the space taken by the virtual keyboard if the user hasn’t an external one attached, which should be the most common case with people doing their cards on their phones.

But with an external keyboard attached, there isn’t the issue of the virtual keyboard space on the screen, so I’d like that if the user has an external keyboard attached, the first field should be focused automatically, like the desktop version does.

If this isn’t possible, an alternative would be to be able to focus on the field by pressing Tab after the note editor is opened, without having to tap another field first

I’ve added this to the todo list - it looks like as of iOS 14, there is an API to determine if an external keyboard is connected.


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