Reposition button

Hello everyone,
The reposition function in the Browser is dysfunctionnal for me. It did that after I just upgraded to the latest version. Anki seems to resposition to values in a random way.
Thanks in advance for the help !

Did you make sure the randomize order option is turned off?

Also see Anki Manual

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Yes of course ! and I turned off shift position as well

Could you post some screenshots of the cards in the browser before and after repositioning with their due numbers shown?


I couldn’t reproduce this in the latest version (2.1.38).
This issue may be related: Reposition function not working
But that was fixed in the latest version and you said you have the latest version version, so I’m not sure why you still have the issue.
Could you go to Help > About and make sure you have 2.1.38?

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Yes I made sure of it !
I’ll try to uninstall and install again later today :slight_smile:

Plus, the weird thing is that I DIDN’T have the problem before installing the latest version…

You’ve found a bug - it looks like there were two parts of the code that were causing this, and .38 only fixed one of them. Thanks for the report, a fix will be in the next beta.

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Thanks a lot ! Just so you know that it was indeed the new version that did it : I switched back to the previous version (2.1.35 (84dcaa86)) and it solved the problem ! So I’ll stick to the old version for now !
Thanks a lot for everything !! :smile: