Rename "Change Deck" to Move Cards

It seems that right now moving cards to a different deck is being called “Deck Change” which can also mean moving from reviewing one deck to another deck. As both these meanings can be conflated, I suggest changing the name of this feature to “Move Cards”. It’s much more better than “Change Deck” and also isn’t ambiguous (unless you don’t know what a deck is, but in that case, both names are vague).


As a counter-argument, we also talk about cards moving between new/learning/reviews queues. And all actions are in the Card menu, so Cards>Move Cards is kind of redundant.


Change deck is fine.


I was experimenting with creating new presets for different set of my cards which involved creating new subdecks and moving cards there (in the Android app). Then I had to undo some things, and I ended up undoing deck changes of cards as both of these unrelated actions are called “Deck Change”. I don’t think it’s redundant. There should be a way to differentiate moving cards as opposed to changing decks/selecting decks.

Thanks, I’ve logged this on Rename “Change Deck” to Move Cards · Issue #3266 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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