Question about "Enhance Main Window" add on


I understand all of the columns, and what they signify.

But I can not figure out what the colors on the decks themselves mean.
For example, here is a screenshot:

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If you go to Tools → Add-ons → Enhance Main Window → Config, you should find a thorough explanation of the meaning of the colors.


I did that, but quite honestly, I didn’t understand what they signify - I understand how to CHANGE colors, but not what the defaults signify …

Sorry, it’s been a while since I last used the add-on, and I overestimated how detailed the color explanation is. :slight_smile:

This is the section of the add-on’s description I was referring to. It doesn’t directly clarify the meaning of the default colors, but you can infer it by comparing the colors with the names of each setting group. For instance, the default color for Color empty is red, and for Color empty descendant, it’s green. This means that, in your screenshot, the child deck is red because it has no new cards, while the parent deck is green because it contains said child deck with no new cards.

## Coloring decks

The author of this add-on wants to know when a deck is empty. This is very important to him, because he wants to add new cards in them as soon as possible. Thus, this add-on changes the color of the names of empty decks, and of the names of decks with an empty descendant.

The author also wants to know which deck has marked cards. Thus, the background of the deck's name having marked cards changes color.

Both of these configurations can be changed as explained in this section. In particular, you can turn one or both of these options off by setting "color empty" and "color marked" to false.

### Choice of color

#### Color empty

The color of the names of decks without new cards

#### Color empty descendant

The color of the names of decks with a descendant without new cards

#### Default color

The color of a deck which every descendant has new cards.

#### Default column color

The color of the content of a deck, if no other color is specified.

#### ended marked background color

The color of the decks which have an ended deck with marked cards. The notion of ended deck will be explained in the next section of this documentation.

#### Marked background color

The color of decks who have marked cards but none of its descendants are both ended and have marked cards.

That is incredibly helpful, thank you! — but what explains “Ultimate Everything” deck being black?

Is black one of the colors set in your config? Then doesn’t it seem likely that it’s simply the default color, and none of the config situations that would change the color apply?

If you don’t need the features of this add-on, you should probably disable the add-on. Or at least disable the features that are confusing you.