Pycharm setup for add-on development with new Bazel build system

Hi all,

I have been using PyCharm to work on add-on development, and I had a configuration setup working to run anki from within PyCharm to debug my add-ons.

I am having difficulty now since the change to the Bazel build system, which I must admit I do not have any experience with. Previously, in the ‘Run/Debug Configuration’, I would set the Script Path to ‘…/anki/qt/runanki’ and the Python Interpreter to ‘…/anki/pyenv/bin/python’. After running ‘./run’ per the new development readme instructions, a pyenv folder doesn’t seem to be created any longer.

If anyone could help me understand better how the new build system works and how to configure it to run within Pycharm, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The docs describe how you can build wheels - have you tried that? Once they’re built, you can pip install those wheels into a virtual environment in a location of your choosing.

Thanks so much, I’ll give that a try!