Put the add-on code at the top of the page

Every time I have to scroll over the description to see the little download section and often scroll too much and have to go back. If there is a code at the top of the page, finding the code will be easy.

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I agree, showing the code on top additionally to the usual location would be nice - especially for super long descriptions like the Searching, PDF reading etc. add-on.

The ID is also included in the URL btw, e.g. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/272311064

The aim is to encourage people to read the description and not just blindly download based on the title.


Every time I install it, I have to install thirty of them again. If you want to let people read the content, then you can put it under the review, at the bottom of the page, so people need to read them as well and I can simply press “End” to see it.

That trick in URL is great. I didn’t notice it. Thanks.