Problems with Progress Bar

Hi, I tried to install Progress Bar card done card… on Windows using newest Anki 2.1.61 but I got this error. How can I fix this ?

Are you using other add-ons besides Progress Bar, cards done, cards left, seconds/card, time spent/left, and ETA - AnkiWeb ?

By the orange lines, it seems you have another add-ons that is affecting the main browser, causing the progress bar to cover it

Same version, Qt6, MacOS

I’m using with Anki-redesign. I tried disabling it but still getting the same error

Are there any other add-ons you were using? Try disabling all if possible, and only enabling progress bar, then restart and see if bar works

Try reinstalling progress bar

if both options don’t work, then report in issues → GitHub

Alternatively, there is another progress bar add-on you could use: Progress Bar (original) - AnkiWeb