Problems creating a typing response card

I am studying German! So I’ve been wondering how I can make a card that allows me to write the correct word. But only that word and nothing else. I saw an example where I put on the front of the card: {{type: Back}}. But this makes me write everything I put in response on the back of the card.

Can somebody help me?

Can you give a concrete example or screenshot?

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For what you want to do, I use cloze deletions with this


in the front and back templates. I only have to type what is hidden in the question.
I hope it will help.

One more detail: you can add a tip in a cloze deletion. For instance your question can be:

Es ist {{c1::ein Haus::a house}}.

And it will look like this:

Es ist [a house].

For more complex cases, when the correspondence between English and German is not so simple as in my example, you can write both the English and the German sentences, the latter with its cloze deletion:

It is a house.
Es ist {{c1::ein Haus}}.

Best wishes,