Problem in exporting cards from marginnote3 into Anki

I and others found that there is a bug in the course of exporting cards from mn3 to Anki. Someone said he found this problem after the update of anki.

Please, provide more details:

When I tried to export the card from Marginnote3 to Anki, Anki flashed right back after I clicked anki icon.Here is the picture:

I’ve already found people on the Marginnote3 forum who have also encountered this problem, and some have responded that this problem only appeared after the update of anki. I have reinstalled both,but the problem remains unsolved.

It looks like MarginNote is doing something non-standard in its deck creation that AnkiMobile did not expect. I’ve sent a workaround to Apple, and it should be available within a few hours.

Thanks!Have a good day!