Post-Update issues

Just updated the Anki2.1.33 desktop version, I am not able to see my cards while I play Front template shows nothing and when clicked answer shows both front & back at the same time.
I have checked my card again it’s written according to Anki format.
All my previous made card(before the update) are working fine.
I tried uninstalling the app and installing again and checked my add-ons too.
Nothing is working.
Please help ASAP I am frustrated already

Copying my reply from the other site:

"Please edit a card, click Cards, and add back the following text that you appear to have accidentally removed.

{{cloze:Text 6}}
{{cloze:Text 7}}
{{cloze:Text 8}}
{{cloze:Text 9}}"

You need to click on the “Cards…” button and remove the text you have pasted into the card template.

Thanks for your reply

But It’s not working even after editing the card.
Is there any specific add-on I need to install?