[POSSIBLE BUG] [Ctrl-C C] does not remove no breaking spaces

When you type within a field, all spaces are automatically converted to non breaking spaces ( ) until you type the next character, so that endline spaces are non-breaking (at least that what I have observed). However, I have the impression that when you insert characters, for example with [Ctrl-C C], it does not remove non-breaking spaces. The effect is that when you look at a card with the HTML editor feature on, you see a lot of   before every MathJax tag. I think this is a bug, but maybe it’s just a feature whose purpose I am not aware of.

I’m not sure what you mean by ctrl+c c, but there’s a chance this has been resolved by Henrik’s recent changes to the editor.

Hum, yes, I meant [Ctrl-m m], the MathJax shortcut.

Ok, it’s still an issue - I mistakenly thought you were talking about nbsps inside the MathJax block. I’m not sure there’s a simple way to fix this, as the nbsp is inserted by the web toolkit.