POS (Part of Speech) tagging, looking for options

Hey all,
I’m looking for a script, program or anything in the likes which would allow me to use a list of words in a text file or a csv file and have it tag them with the corresponding part of speech.
For example: Eat is a verb, Dog is a noun, etc.
The Noun or Eat word would go into a new column or in the tags field directly.
There are many of these projects on github but all require coding know-how to implement.
Has anyone experimented with this?
Thanks for the help :smiley:

Maybe you’ve already seen this, I don’t know much tbh, but here’s what I was thinking of trying

Export your cards as CSV

Convert that file above into a csv
Replace it’s abbreviated parts-of-speech column with the proper terms
Import both CSVs as tables into any sql software

Read this document, you should be able to infer further steps from there

I’m less sure, but maybe you could do something in excel too after importing both as CSVs

It’s a very interesting problem to me, and I would have gone more in-depth but it’s rather late here