Portable / Flash Drive on Mac

Hi! I tried looking for this but couldn’t find any results.

Could anyone provide step-by-step instructions on how to run Anki off a flash drive using a Mac? Saw the instructions on Windows but was hoping to replicate it on my Macbook (which is running out of space). Think it should just involve re-pointing Anki via terminal to the flash drive?


On a Mac there is no easy way to alter the behaviour when clicking on the Anki icon, but it is possible to start Anki with a custom base folder from a terminal:

open /Applications/Anki.app --args -b /path/to/anki/data/folder

Thanks Dae! Very helpful. One follow-up question - is there an easy set of terminal commands that allow me to move my existing deck of cards as well?

You can manually move your data folder. Please back it up first. Anki Manual