Please Help. Protect data

Hi I am a doctor and I have made a lot of flashcards for medical students of my speciality. This take me hours and hours of work and I made this in order to help students that comes to our hospital.
It will be free but I want it to be reserved for students who comes to our hospital in order to send a message that students are well considered in our department and to attract motivated students.
So I don’t want it to be downloaded by everyone and shared with students that don’t come to our department. I want to keep control of who have it at any time.

I am searching a way to do this so I was wondering if anyone made similar approach to protect his work ?
I was thinking about an HTML website with basic features of Anki like just the buttons for the SM2-Algorithm or even an ankidroid app but just with personnal decks.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.