Pink flags barely visible in browser in 2.1.56

I just updated to 2.1.56 (qt6) from 2.1.54 and appreciate the general visual update. I’m running on Windows 10.

The only thing I’m having trouble with is that I use all the colors of flags, and I can barely see the pink flags in the browser. I am not having that trouble with any other color of flag.

Pink flags are barely visible in the browser - all the other flags are much more visible. There’s barely any contrast between the pink flagged lines and the normal gray/white lines. (According to the paint dropper in MSPaint, the luminance of the white is 240; gray is 231 - pink is in between them at 234 - the next closest is purple at 216, which is much easier to distinguish, and the rest are well below that.) Is there any way for me to make it more visible without any add-ons? If not, can the color be tweaked in a future version of Anki?

ReColor - AnkiWeb

Using catppuccin theme

Thank you, I’m sure that add-on will be helpful for anyone else with the same problem. However, I’m not able to install add-ons on all machines I use Anki on because of the potential security issues, so this isn’t a solution to my problem of not being able to see the pink flags in the browser without zooming in on each line individually.

(okay, I’m able to install them, but I’m not supposed to, because of the potential security issues. doubly so because the add-on does not explicitly support the version I’m using which is >2.1.50).

idk which security issues are you referring to , if you want, you can create a new thread about the issue you are having

it is about Anki 2.1.55 Virtus total Backdoor.Androm.bdka?

I’m not referring to a specific security issue. Add-ons are third-party software and, like the add-on pages say, “As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.” And my work trusts none of them, so I can use them on my personal machine, but cannot use them on machines that I do any work on. This is why, in the original post, I asked for a solution without add-ons. If I wanted a solution with add-ons, I would have posted in that category.

This thread already describes the issue I am having: that pink flags are barely visible in the browser, and I cannot see them without zooming in. I don’t think I need to make a second thread describing the same issue?

Sorry, you are right, completely missed that point

there isn’t a way to change the flag colors currently, unless changing to dark mode

Definitely, the pink in dark mode looks good, but on light mode doesn’t


Dark Mode

Light mode

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