Packaged Anki for v2.1.49 (before ninja)


I was redirected here from Github [1].

How to create a packaged Anki for version 2.1.49? (I can use Anki inside a docker container, but because of various reasons using it outside the docker is the only option actually.)

The comment by @dae [1] pointed to docs/, but it says to use ./ninja bundle. According to what I know ninja wasn’t used back then.

It must have been built somehow. Are there any remaining scripts / CI logs / whatever? If pointed in a right direction I can figure out the rest on my own, but never used Bazel before, so help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


[1] github[dot]com/ankitects/anki/issues/1744#issuecomment-1378491273

It looks like you’re out of luck - the bundle script mentioned on that page was added in 2.1.50, so you’ll have to backport it yourself if you can’t upgrade.

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