OR option on front of card to allow for synonyms

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Sometimes an concept has multiple names and you want to be able to learn both words as being that concept.

Describe the solution you’d like
A similar concept to cloze cards: Add a special syntax for creating multiple cards where just the key word is replaced. E.g.,:

Could be possible for normal card type or a special synonym card type.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
An alternative is just manually creating it or to add a card like “what is another name for”; the first is cumbersome, the second is sub-optimal because the terms are given different importance/treated differently

I’m going to suggest an alternative – keep these terms together on the same card. In your example, it seems like part of what you need to learn is that this could be called either one of those things. The easiest way to learn that is by including both of them at the same time.

You’re not dealing with reversed cards in this case, so you don’t have to deal with the “which one is the right answer to this card?” problem. You mention that keeping them together is cumbersome, but how? There’s lots of ways to do it.

What does “work conserving/preserving” mean?
What does “work conserving” / “work preserving” mean?
What does “work conserving” or “work preserving” mean?
What does “work conserving” (aka “work preserving”) mean?

So we have a mapping from two terms to one concept. If I include both terms on the front of the card, I worry that in the end I will just learn the term → concept mapping for one term because my brain takes a shortcut and does not remember that both of them go to the same concept. That’s why I would propose having it automatically create cards term1 → concept and term2 → concepts from one note. It’s not about reversed cards.

I meant cumbersome if I use the shortcut of adding one card term1/term2 → concept and then two cards with term1 is synonym of → term2 and term2 is synonym of → term2. Keeping them together is not cumbersome but I have the worry of not learning both terms equally well, as outlined in the paragraph above.

But I do understand if the use-case is too niche!

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There is a deck and an add-on for it to learn synonyms, but highlighting seems to be wrong in both modes:

I have some doubts about that first deck you posted. Those example notes don’t look even remotely correct.

The answer marked correct with “0 1 0” is “partial”. Perhaps it refers to what a plant needs.

I guess it could? But “sunshiny” (adjective) and “partial sunlight” (noun) aren’t antonyms. And the other samples had issues too.