Option to set some deck not available for sync

I am using Anki as database for other decks. Some of the decks have audios which make the decks size big. So, is there way to make that not available for sync?


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May this will be feature request.
In same profile, let say I have five decks then in deck description / options a boolean should be used to mark it as for not syncing. So, that the deck will be available in current profile but not for sync.

On AnkiDroid, the localhost or http file scheme not used, so there is no way to read JSON files. So, I have used JS API to read the json from deck. I have created deck with note type with one field containing the json data and using JS API the data read in reviewer. But the deck/note size is become large so the option to make it as not sync-able will reduce the time of sync.

It’s not practical with the way syncing works at the moment.

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