Only 3 posts on footnote.. how others markdown references? thx

as title

the power pack addon only for 2.0.x

i am on 2.1.54


This is a quick stripped-down version of Stefan van den Akker’s Power Format Pack add-on. It is designed to work with Anki 2.1, but it is only meant as a holdover until someone finds the time to port PFP in its entirety (or until similar features arrive in Anki itself). Please don’t expect any further major additions like markdown support, etc.

Currently the latest version is 2.1.55, if you want to update

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thanks for reply but this stripped down version dont have the footnote function of the original one!

but I just feel strange, no one need reference annotating tools?

I got a paragraph from my main textbook, but i wanna modify some words/points using 2nd reference, i just wanna also jot down which point is from which reference.

so , having footnote like[^1] in the text is better than a sentence or manually type, because the orders of references may change.



  • Highlight text
  • Insert code block
  • Insert horizontal line
  • Toggle unordered list
  • Toggle ordered list
  • Indent selection
  • Outdent selection
  • Alignment buttons

My cards have a source field, which I use occasionally. Its output is displayed at the bottom of the answer. I use AutoComplete (Field AutoComplete - AnkiWeb) to reference a source multiple times.

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