Note ID — totally UNIQUE, also across several profiles?

When trying to import an .apkg file into my Archive-Profile, there’s the message

Notes that could not be imported as note type has changed: 7845

I guess Anki uses the Note ID to determine that a note type has changed … ? If Note IDs really were unique, this would mean that those Notes that Anki refuses to import do already exist, albeit in older versions.

So could I safely ignore above message, if all I want is archive notes, even in old versions?

PS: If I left my (daily growing) Archive-deck in my daily-use-profile, it’d become too unwieldy, too big; and doing a .colpkg-export/backup would take too long.

If you know which notes are being matched, you can delete them from the destination profile, and then you should be able to import them in again, to pick up any changes that may have been made.