Not seeing all verb tenses in a deck

I have a deck of verbs that i’m trying to study, and i’m only seeing two tenses (of which there are more) show up when I try to study. In the link to the deck, it is stated that the creator suspended all tenses except present and preterito imperfeito. When I go into browse on desktop, none of the verbs are showing as yellow, so I assume they are in fact not suspended, yet when I go to study it’s just those two tenses showing up. Could someone please help me with this. Is there a way to see what order the cards are being presented in, maybe that’s it?

Screenshot the verb tenses in your browser to see which state the cards are, and the how due is it

You can use the Due category in the browser to see the order of the cards being reviewed (if due is in () then it is suspended as well, don’t mind the (filtered) below)

You can control on the order of the cards by enabling v3 scheduler in tools -> preferences, then in deck option, you can see display order


Thank you! This is very helpful

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