Not finding duplicates when there is an image in the field

This is probably by design, but I suspect I have a lot of duplicates like this that can’t be found.

Two notes, same note type, same field name.
One note has “گرجا گھر” in this field, the other note has “<img src="girjaaghar_3590.webp">گرجا گھر” in the same field: the same word. The purpose of the image is to be a scan of handwriting of the same word. So anytime the word is displayed in review, I want to see both the typed text and the handwritten version.

So as per the title, I don’t see a way for Find Duplicates feature to find this kind of duplicate. I could not find an addon that addresses this particular issue either. Basically I want something to search for duplicates as if the img element is not there.

A better way to solve this is to put the word and image in separate fields, and use your card templates to control when each is shown.

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I figured that was the only way. Thanks for confirming.

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