No menus, no buttons in Chrome on Windows 10

I installed Anki yesterday and I’m learning to use it from the docs. The UI seems awful sparse. I keep reading about menus and buttons that I don’t see. I’m attaching a picture of the UI that I see. I don’t have any errors. I can create decks and cards. But I have no way to change preferences (no menus) and no way to configure Cloze cards, for example (no buttons). Thanks for any suggestions! -Doug!


This is AnkiWeb, a simple web interface of Anki.
You should start with the desktop version as you cannot do much with the web version besides reviewing cards.
Download it from here: Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

Reading the Getting Started section of the manual can help get you started.

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Sorry. DUH. I got confused. Thank you for setting me straight politely.