\! No Longer Working in MathJax in Anki 2.1.44 on macOS X

I recently upgraded to Anki 2.1.44 on my Mac, and the ! macro is no longer working in MathJax commands.

For example:

\(X \perp ! ! ! \perp Y\)

no longer generates the “independent of” symbol ⫫.

I saw that Anki has upgraded to using MathJax 3, as mentioned here:

But I tried out the macro on my own computer and a MathJax 3 demo page:


and it still works there.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Have you tryed applying the solution provided in the post you have linked?

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None of the linked solutions seem relevant to my problem.

I’m not trying to define a new macro. I’m trying to use the negative space command (\!) that is built into LaTeX and MathJax. This command works on my local use of MathJax and in the the MathJax 3 site hosted by MathJax that I linked to.

But not in Anki 2.1.44.

Seems to work fine for me in the latest alphas.

Ah, perfect!

I just upgraded to:


and it is working now.

Thanks so much for your help!