No history or next review time after update

So I finally updated from V 2.1.54 qt6 on my windows 10 desktop, to version 2.1.56 qt6, and now when I review cards, there is no next review time shown on the buttons (e.g easy - 4 days, again - 1 minute). I went into preferences, saw that there was an option for it that was ticked (turned on). Restarted, still no review time. Turned the option off, restarted, no change. Turned the option back on, then restarted, no change.

Also, the history button that would show me cards I recently did so I could go back and edit a typo for example or update an answer, is no longer on the page in this new version (or at least, I can’t find it)
Screenshot below showing me highlighting the good button, but also the absence of the history button:

Have you tried without add ons?

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