No [...] button on AnkiWeb to create cloze cards

Hi all,

I can see the option Cloze on AnkiWeb but there is no […] button to create the hidden question, does anyone know how to make it appear?

many thanks

You have to use the special Cloze note type, or a note type that is cloned from it.

Adding/Editing - Anki Manual (

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Ah so you mean I have to type the tags {{c1:: }}, {{c2:: }} , {{c3:: }} … manually? Is there a way to keep track of all the c1,c2,… or is it really just manually from start to finish? Sorry I’m just a beginner…

Ah, you are trying to create cloze cards on the website itself instead of in the program installed on your computer? Sorry, I’ve never tried that, I don’t know.

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yes that’s right, I try to create cloze cards on ankiweb…

I’m not sure if it will work. The website has very limited functionality compared to the installed software program. Maybe someone else knows.


Thanks for having tried to help! maybe someone knows indeed?

A few years ago, I created and posted a bookmarklet to enclose selected text in a cloze tag on AnkiWeb’s editing page. I just now tested it on AnkiWeb and it still seems to work properly, so give it a try.


thank you, this will be most useful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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