New Image Resize Request


When Arthur made the add-on that allowed us to be able to easily resize images in the editor I requested this feature and tried to raise money for the addition of the speech onto the add-on. I still think it would be an incredible addition that many people would find useful.

While editing an image if it could scan all the notes in the collection and then if there is more than one note with this same image if it could ask “Do do you want to apply the resize of this image on all other notes with this same image?”

I think this is a great idea if it’s a possibility. Shouldn’t be too hard to do a built in find and replace on the html right?

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I’d be a bit worried about this getting in the way for users who don’t reuse images across multiple notes.

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Potentially a preference option to turn it on or off?

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“Add an option” is a potential answer to any discussion about new features, but it’s not free - each added option slightly increases the complexity of the app. I’d like to wait a while for 2.1.50+ to roll out to more users, and see how much demand there is for this feature as more people start to use the resizing functionality.


Completely understandable. Thanks for being open to it.

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