New Apple library for Markdown rendering

In the Christmas update for the Reddit app Apollo, the developer mentions a new (and, if I recall correctly, open-source) library by Apple for Markdown rendering.

I don’t know anything more specific or which library he is referring to, but would it be feasible to make use of this library in Anki for rendering Markdown if it is more efficient than the current one?

AFAIK, Anki only uses Markdown for a few things like for add-on configs, deck descriptions, and some error messages, so I don’t think we would gain much by switching to a different library. Moreover, if the Apple library mentioned is, using it would be far more complicated than it’s worth because Anki desktop is written primarily in Python and Rust, not Swift (But maybe it can be easily used in AnkiMobile if it’s written in Swift).


I see, so this Apple library wouldn’t be of use for an analogue to Apollo’s awesome post composer where you can write and edit your post/comment in Markdown?

That editor is one thing I love about Apollo, or Reddit for that matter. You can compose your post in Markdown and it get’s rendered in HTML, but when you want to make an edit, you’re back to Markdown. I’d love to have that seamless switching capability between Markdown and HTML for Anki rather than editing the HTML of my flashcards directly. I’d love to be able to paste Markdown into my flashcards but have it turned into HTML and rendered with the appropriate CSS.

There are a few add-ons that provide Markdown editing in the editor. Search for Markdown in Add-ons for Anki 2.1 - AnkiWeb

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